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Amnesty Registration of Pistol Brace

So, I had an acquaintance, who shall remain anonymous, call me a couple of days ago to ask what I thought about the leaked ATF document for the proposed pistol brace ban/registration. For those not familiar with it, released a leaked document that you can view here.

The long and short of it is that the ATF is requesting more money in the budget to perform background checks for the upcoming “Amnesty Registration of Pistol Brace weapons” (pg 2, second bullet point). Yes, you read that right. Very soon you will have to register your pistol-braced weapon as an NFA item (an SBR). But the government in all its wisdom is going to waive the $200 tax stamp. What that essentially means is that they are jockeying for another way to have a weapons registry that seems “less intrusive” than taking your money for something that you should legally be able to own without government oversight. The ideocracy never stops. How is it that an organization (in this case, the government) that cannot balance a budget, take care of its citizenry, and pretty much ruins anything it touches (healthcare, Social Security, Afghanistan, etc) be the “experts” in what we should and should not have and what we can and cannot do?

My response to my acquaintance, “Just like most everything else the government does, it is stupid. But, being lawful citizens, we need to stay inside the letter of the law and fight it the way it should be fought; legally. It will probably be a long road because once the government gains a little power, it is not going to give that power back to the people.”

Short of full-on revolution (which I am not advocating), our best chance is to support Pro-2A organizations such as the GOA. I would encourage each one of you that love our country and our rights to do your own homework and find an organization that you can support. I’m not making a sales pitch, but over the last few years, GOA has been the one that has done more for 2A rights than any other organization. Also, we need to educate those that may not have the full picture of the situation. There are so many anti-2A outlets that spew half-truths and all-out lies that is understandable that people just run with the masses. There are not enough voices that advocate for a well-armed, well-educated, and well-trained population. But then again, isn’t that what the government is afraid of in the first place?

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