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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

As an FFL, I have a legal obligation to follow the law if I want to keep my license and not get raided by the ATF, AFT or whatever they are calling themself these days. One of those laws is that I must conduct background checks on everyone I sell a gun to. Now, this may make me a few enemies, but I don’t have a problem with conducting background checks. You just never know who you are dealing with. We, as responsible business owners should be able to see a person’s background instead of depending on some arbitrary system to say “yes” or “no.” Sure, I have the right to refuse service to anyone, but my personal choice to sell or not sell is predicated on how you present yourself to me before I run the background, but then I have to depend on a corrupt system to tell me if it is legal to sell to you.

My problem with background checks is who decides what is in “your file.” As we have seen, especially since 2016, is that the government and ALL its agencies are as crooked as a barrel of fishhooks. It’s obvious to anyone who pays attention that if you are deemed worthy by the government you can get away with murder, destroy classified information on your personal server, or deal with China and make millions while you are in public office and still be able to pretty much do anything you want to do without oversight. But if you are one of the lowly, second-class citizens, like me, you must toe the line, keep your nose clean, and spit shine your shit so it doesn’t stink in order for you to stay off the naughty list. (Santa ain’t got nothin’ on these guys). What about those people who are genuinely doing the right thing in life now, but have a mark on their record for something that they did when they were young and dumb? Why is it an act of Congress for them to get their rights back? And yet, politicians and other government officials are allowed to lie, steal, cheat and murder but still keep their job, make policy that affects us then retire with full benefits and write a book to make millions of dollars a year. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but sound like there may be a dual standard of justice in this country (insert sarcasm here).

So, the people who look down their noses at us and are the most contemptable, crooked people in the country are the ones doling out who can and cannot have rights. Why do you think they want “common-sense” gun laws? Their common-sense is not my common-sense. Their goal is to crush the true American spirit and enjoy the fruit of our labor. If not for the few patriots left fighting against this bureaucratic nightmare, then we would already be singing the Russian national anthem and celebrating communism. Don’t think for a minute that the people who in government are idiots. We may think that their policies are idiotic, but they know exactly what they are doing, and they are laughing all the way to the bank every time we elect them and their ilk.

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