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When will it stop???!!!!

Now credit card companies are going to track firearm and ammunition sales. The anti-gun businesses are really in a position to damage our rights. Certain banks will not allow you to open a business account if you deal with firearms. Companies like Paypal won’t let you purchase firearms. And now credit card companies will keep a list of what you buy. The big, ugly picture is coming into view now. Consider the following:

1. The government wants a cashless society.

2. Cash gives you anonymity with purchases.

3. What scares the government? People with power!!!!

4. What will keep the politicians from pressuring cc companies from just tracking your purchases to flat out refusing to process a transaction?

5. Before long, buying and selling firearms and ammunition will become almost impossible. (If we don’t fight back)


I just set up this website through Wix. It was super easy for a dummy like me to figure out how to navigate, until it came to the payment issue. Wix offers numerous apps that would allow me to take payment until they all discovered that I sold firearms and ammunition. The list of apps dwindled to 2 and it was like jumping through hoops to get anything setup.

I have dealt with Clearent for the past couple of years as my credit card processor, but, unfortunately, they could not integrate with the Wix platform. I was on the verge of giving up.

Alas, a ray of sunshine amongst the murky clouds of politics and bad banking practices. GunTab came to the rescue. They are a payment processor that holds all funds in escrow until the end of a transaction. A really good idea that protects all parties involved. Anyway, I called customer service to ask if they could integrate with Wix. “Unfortunately, not at this time, but let me look into it,” was the answer I received. But, to my surprise, I got an email from my customer support agent, Dan, just a few minutes later. Read below.

Hi Chris,

Good news. I asked one of our engineers about Checkout for Wix. It turns out he had already been working on it. He fast-tracked it this afternoon and we just rolled it out. Please follow the Checkout documentation to copy-paste your HTML snippet into your Wix page template:

Please let us know if you have any questions, we're happy to help.

Best regards,

Dan, GunTab Support Team

Just let me say, this is customer service. This is a very good example of a company filling a niche market and helping people enjoy their God-given rights. Is GunTab the most user-friendly way to check out? I would venture to say, “no”. But they have made a way to bypass some of the crazy bull crap that this government and overly zealous financial institutions are throwing at us, so it is well worth the extra steps. This is a huge shout-out and thank you to GunTab from Camarms. I encourage everyone that looks at buying a firearm or ammunition online to open a GunTab account.

Until next time, shoot straight.


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